2023 Thomas M. Kane Irishman of the Year

Gilbert Barrett (better known as “Gil”) was born in Springfield, MA.   Gil enjoyed his childhood years in the Hungry Hill area in Springfield graduating from Cathedral High School in 1957.  After graduation, Gil served in the U.S. Navy.

Following his Navy time, he returned to Springfield.    He met and married Carol Capron in Springfield in 1965 to her death in 2014.    They started their family in Springfield but in 1971 the moved over to Westfield.   

Gil was employed by United States Postal Service in Springfield for 36 years, retiring in 1997.   Gil has enjoyed bartending at his favorite establishment….the Sons of Erin in Westfield for about 40 fun years.

Gil is the proud father of James from Shrewsbury, Karen Carrier from Feeding Hills, and Patrick from Westfield.   He also has nine grandchildren Ryan, Nick, Jacob, Ella, Joshua, Alivia, Liam, Owen who are so proud to call him Grandpa.

Over the years he has enjoyed many days on the golf course with his buddies.  Most of all his time playing cards (pitch) with his many friends.  

Congratulations Gil!