Re-Opening Date with Guidelines

We have a some new information following the governor's change up this week.

Per the governors newest orders and confirmed by the Westfield Board of Health we will require everyone who orders an alcoholic beverage to purchase a food item.  This applies only for their first purchase.  A menu will be posted through out the pavilion.
The order was simply put  - “no food, no alcohol, no kidding”.  

We hope there will be total cooperation by the members. If we do not follow these orders we will be shut down. 

Also, due to the limit of people we can have outside (50) and the safety of everyone, there will be no Irish Festival this year and the 9/11 ceremony is canceled as well. 


The details:

 We will be only open in the Pavilion until further notice.

  1. Hours of operation: Daily from 12:00 Noon to 8:00 p.m.
  2. Everyone must enter the Pavilion from the designated location which is clearly marked (the front of the facility closest to the grill area). Exit must also be from the same area. Again, clearly marked.
  3. Masks must be worn upon entrance and whenever moving through the facility, including on trips to the restroom. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  4. There will be no going to the bar - the bartender will take your order and bring it to you at your table.
  5. No standing and eating or drinking at the bar or anywhere else will be allowed. Whenever you will be eating or drinking, you must be seated.
  6. We must all practice social distancing
  7. When you are ready to leave, you are responsible for wiping down your table with a sanitizer, which will be available throughout the facility, and a paper towel. Also, please return your bottles to a table which will be next to the door to the bar.
  8. Members only will be allowed.
While these guidelines may seem somewhat harsh, we are making every effort to be in full compliance with all the Commonwealth's guidelines and want to do our part to open in as healthy an environment as possible.  Please, please adhere to these guidelines, do not make anyone feel uncomfortable, wear your mask please, no exceptions!!